Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Remember Darling, All the While, You Belong to Me

Sorry! We were in the middle of a massive, record-breaking snowstorm, so we lost our power. It's taken me a bit to get back to the computer (no internet for 3 days?! WHAT?!?!?). Anyway, I have several craft projects just itching to be shown, but no pictures. I shall have those for you soon. Very soon.

Anyway, since there are no crafts to post at the current moment, I figured I'd post this iconic picture for thoughts. While being snowed in, I thought often of the movie Singles, in which this could be considered a basis for said movie. It's really stuck with me; do you believe in love? Love at first sight? What IS love? Can you stop loving a person?

I believe there is love, in various forms: friend-love, family-love, my-life-would-be-SOOO-different-without-you-love, I-could-spend-my-life-with-you-love, I-only-love-you-sometimes-love, etc. Love at first sight? Only if you feel trapped and are desperately seeking a way out without doing the hard parts. I do, however, believe you can be around someone and share a sort of bond. Maybe a past-life relationship? Pure chemistry? Who knows? And that's just it. No one.

That person is bound to look flawless, perfect, magnificent, etc. Eventually, if you hang with them long enough, their quirks show. Some may be manageable (i.e. leaving the occasional dirty dish lying around). Some might be horrendous (i.e. clingy-ness, not saying "Bless you" when you sneeze). Others could annoy you to the point of screaming and not wanting to be with the person, but something about them keeps you there. What is it about (what we call) love? Is it their smell? The way they look at you across the room? The way they hold you?

Being a part of a love where you stick by someone through hard times (such as the above woman) is a love that will hopefully last a long time, if not forever. Most people deserve that love. Anyway, I just wanted to share this photo that I have been thinking (okay, obsessing) of for the past while. Maybe it'll provoke some sort of realization or comfort, maybe it'll just be nice to think of from time to time.




  1. thanks so much for the comment you left me! i adore this photo, one of my friends has a huge print of it covering almost an entire wall... hugs for everyone!

    i dont believe in love at first sight because i think being in love, be it friendship or romance, you need to actually know the person. lust, chemistry, sparks, yes. but love? not so much.

  2. No problem! I look forward to your posts :] It's so inspirational....

    I actually don't know too many people that believe in love at first sight, besides the little girls into princesses and princes ;)